Mammals/Marsupials - F to M

This alphabetical listings of mammal/marsupial photographs and videos is by English Common Name.   If there is a time indicator (00:30) it refers to the time the species is first seen on the video.  

In addition to the species accounts listed below, I have made the following compilations of video accounts:



Flying-Fox, IndianPteropus giganteus 


Fox, Crab-eatingCerdocyon thous

Fox, GreyUrocyon cinereoargentus


Gazelle, IndianGazella bennettii

Giraffe, South African - Giraffa giraffa giraffa

Goat, MountainOreamnos americanus

Gopher, Botta’s Pocket - Thomomys bottae

Gopher, Desert PocketGeomys arenarius 

Ground-Squirrel, California - Otospermophilus beecheyi

Ground-Squirrel, Golden-mantled - Callospermophilus lateralis 

Ground-Squirrel, Harris’ AntelopeAmmospermophilus harrisii

Ground-Squirrel, (Southern) Idaho - Urocitellus brunneus endemicus

Ground-Squirrel, Mexican - Ictidomys mexicanus

Ground-Squirrel, Round-tailed - Xerospermophilus tereticaudus 

Ground-Squirrel, Uinta - Urocitellus armatus 


Horses, Feral - Equus ferus caballus and others

Howler, MantledAlouatta palliata

Howler, (Mexican) Mantled - Alouatta palliata mexicana

Howler, Venezuelan RedAlouatta seniculus


Jackal, GoldenCanis aureus 

Jackrabbit, Black-tailed - Lepus californicus

Jackrabbit, White-tailedLepus townsendii


Kangaroo, RedMacropus rufus

Kangaroo-Rat, Banner-tailedDipodomys spectabilis 

Kinkajou - Potos flavus

Koala - Phascolarctos cinereus 


Langur, Capped - Trachypithecus pileatus

Langur, Gee’s Golden - Trachypithecus geei

Langur, Southern PlainsSemnopithecus dussumieri

Langur, Tufted GreySemnopithecus priam thersites




Macaque, Assam Macaca assamensis

Macaque, BarbaryMacaca sylvanus

Macaque, BonnetMacaca radiata

Macaque, Crab-eating  -  Macaca fascicularis

Macaque, Crested Black  -  Macaca nigra

Macaque, RhesusMacaca mulatta

Marmot, Hoary Marmota caligata 

Marmot, Yellow-belliedMarmota flaviventris

Marten, Yellow-throated - Martes flavigula

Mongoose, Indian Grey - Herpestes edwardsii

Mongoose, Ruddy - Herpestes smithii 

Mongoose, Stripe-necked  - Herpestes vitticollis

Monkey, Black-capped Squirrel  - Saimiri boliviensis

Monkey, Brown WoolyLagothrix lagotricha

Monkey Gray-handed Night, Aotus griseimembra   

Monkey, Green - Chlorocebus sabaeus

Monkey, Patas - Erythrocebus patas patas

Monkey, (Ornate) Spider- - Ateles geoffroyi ornatus 

Monkey, Geoffroy's Spider- Ateles geoffroyi yucatanensis

Monkey, Central American Squirrel-Saimiri oerstedii 

MooseAlces alces 

Mouse, Chihuahuan PocketChaetodipus eremicus 

Mouse, Eastern HarvestReithrodontomys humulis

Mouse, Rock PocketChaetodipus intermedius 

Muntjac, Indian (Barking Deer)Muntiacus muntjak

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